Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor II


Robert J. Picariello
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor II


      You came to the right place if you are trying to find a way out of what feels like a mental maze.

      Shifting into a different, wholesome space is possible for you. That possibility may seem fanciful if efforts to move forward come up short.

      You can set yourself free from notions and attitudes that colonize the mind and result in repetitive behaviors with continuously dissatisfying outcomes.

      Sometimes yearning to bloom and awaken possibilities can use some assistance, a bit of a jump-start. I would be honored to collaborate with you on a journey to new beginnings.

       A slight shift in direction is all that is needed to bring about a change in outcome. I firmly believe we each possess the creative potential to retool. You begin to build on where you are today. Growth is a reality.

      Below is a picture of my dog, Ricco. My attitude and thinking shifted in the course of training him. His puppy-spirit seemed to clash with my need to train him. These encounters became opportunities for me to be mindfully aware of how my behavior undermined the ability to fully enjoy him. As I came to appreciate his need to train me a shift opened a pathway to our mutual pleasure. You, too, may be surprised where an opportunity for growth lies waiting for you to develop it.

      I welcome the opportunity to work with you.


My dog Ricco