First Meeting Overview

At our first meeting you would sign the Professional Disclosure Statement/Consent form. Your signature means that I made the information available to you, disclosed my fee, and you consented to work with me.

Next is the Contact Information sheet that asks for your name, address, and how to best contact you.

As you relate your story, I will get a sense of your situation, what differences you enviosion, and what it will take to attain that vision. While I am formulating a picture, you are assessing whether we are a good fit. Are we on the right track? Are you feeling heard and an important part of the process? Does my conversational, interactive approach feel safe? Does it invite your curiosity and self-awareness?

The following link to Psychology Today offers tips for people in therapy and may suggest additional questions and thoughts for you to keep in mind: Psychology Today.

Wondering Where To Begin


Sometimes where to begin
Seems terribly important.

May I propose, letting
Where you begin
Be the start of a journey.
You”ll be amazed
What’ll be discovered.

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